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Korean Dramas

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Starring: Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Bum

After losing his lover and exchanging his position as a mountain spirit, a nine-tailed fox meets the possible reincarnation of his lover in modern Korea again.

Every Thu & Fri, 4h after Korea

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Flower of Evil

Starring: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won

After 14 years of marriage, a detective finds out that her husband may be the missing accomplice to a serial killer from 20 years ago.

Full series available on Viu Premium

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Lie After Lie

Starring: Lee Yoo Ri, Yeon Jung Hoon

A mother who had to give her daughter up for adoption while in prison returns a decade later and tries to re-enter her daughter's life by becoming her stepmother.

Full series available only on Viu


Korean Variety

Six Sense

Cast: Yoo Jae Suk, Jessi, Jeon So Min, Oh Na Ra, Mijoo

The cast of Six Sense will use their sixth sense to smell out between the real and the fake. The cast's chemistry is not to be missed!

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Hidden Singer 6

Hosted by: Jun Hyun Moo

Guest celebrity singers appear on the show with impersonators that sound exactly the same as them. As they sing while being hidden, the judges have to cast a vote each round to the person that sounds the least like the original.

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New Journey to the West 8

Cast: Mino, P.O., Kyuhyun, Kang Ho Dong & more

In this season, the members head to Mount Jiri to find the legendary dragon balls as characters from various folktale.

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Korean Movies

Inseparable Bros

Starring: Lee Kwangsoo, Shin Ha Kyun, Esom

Unrelated by blood, two disabled brothers steps out into the world with the help of their friend. Kwangsoo won Best Supporting Actor at the Baeksang Art Awards for this role!

Full movie available on Viu Premium

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Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok, Suzy

South and North Korean forces must work together to prevent a major disaster when the majestic Baekdu mountain threatens to erupt.

Full movie available on Viu Premium

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Starring: Bae Sung Woo, Sung Dong Il, Kim Hye Joon

When bizarre incidents starts occurring in their new house, the eldest daughter calls up their exorcist uncle for help.

Full movie available on Viu Premium

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Asian Dramas

Count Your Lucky Stars 我好喜欢你

Starring: Jerry Yan 言承旭, Shen Yue 沈月

Due to an accidental kiss, an editor-in-chief and an aspiring fashion designer unwillingly becomes involved with each other's lives.

Full series available now

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The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊

Starring: Zhao Lusi 赵露思, Ding Yuxi 丁禹兮

A scriptwriter sucked into the character of her own story destined to die early on has to forcefully change the story in order to survive.

Full series available now

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Lost Romance 浪漫输给你

Starring: Vivian Sung 宋芸桦, Marcus Chang 张立昂, Jason Hsu 许孟哲

An editor of romance novels at a publishing company finds herself magically transported into a romance novel.

Available from 12 Nov